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Sarra I had a wonderful UX Design course experience with BrainStation, from which I have graduated recently. I took the 10 weeks online course option. This online option worked well for me, especially that I work full time and took some vacations during this last summer. So I had my usual activities during the day and was joining my class later in the evening. I have particularly appreciated how the teachers are engaged in the course. I always got fast responses when I asked for help to complete my project deliverable and the lead instructor shared her personal calendar where we could book a meeting with her to ask our questions if we wanted. During the class we had a lot of exercices that we were doing on the spot to practice the new concepts that we were learning, so the course wasn't focusing on the theoretical aspect only and that's something amazing as I am someone who learns faster when I practice the theory. We had a lot of real life experience and tips from the instructors, which I found really helpful to know.
Jan Barnes Just finished my BrainStation course - Digital Marketing! What an amazing course. I have learned so much in the last 10 weeks. It was definitely time well spent. This was actually my 7th course that I’ve completed with BrainStation. So far I’ve completed UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, Python, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing. I will definitely be looking at taking more courses with Brainstation. During the Digital Marketing course, I have had an opportunity to learn how to create an effective digital marketing campaign. From creating User Personas to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From what makes a good website to utilizing Google Ads. All incredibly valuable content/concepts/tools and taught by two amazing instructors/industry experts. Plus I had a chance to work and share with a cohort of fellow students from all types of industries and backgrounds across North America. What I have enjoyed about each BrainStation course is the opportunity to stretch my knowledge and skills across the digital space. I work in Information Technology for a Digital Telecom. Everything I have learned across all 7 courses has been directly relevant and current to the organization I work with. Why 7 courses across a broad spectrum of disciplines, you may ask? I’m an Agile and Lean Coach and Trainer. I work with all disciplines - from design to engineering to marketing. Understanding and appreciating the work that people in specific disciplines are engaged with, allows me to meet students and colleagues where they are in their Agility journey. Applying Agile and Lean concepts and ways of working can differ depending on the type of work that you’re engaged on. BrainStation has provided me with the knowledge and skills to support the people that I support. Thank you BrainStation! What’s next on my BrainStation learning journey? Hmmm….so many choices...iOS Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media many awesome courses to choose from. I highly recommend BrainStation courses. BrainStation on-line courses are equally as great as the in-class courses. Plus you get to do it from the comfort of your own home :) So what do you want to learn next? Look no further than the talented instructors and awesome courses offered by BrainStation!