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Tara In my time at Byte I got to be taught by all the instructors, and they were all SO friendly and knowledgable about everything they were teaching, and always willing to answer questions and help with homework or debugging code (everything was remote, but I had so much support from the instructors and Byte Fellows that my experience was probably as good as it would have been been in-person!). You can message an instructor with a question anytime and they almost always answer it immediately. The lectures are about 1.5-2 hours a day and there’s about an hour of “code review” (going over lecture questions and getting help on homework if needed). My biggest advice is definitely to GO TO CODE REVIEW AND DO THE HOMEWORK EVERY DAY!!! I was learning so much new information each day in the lectures, and code review was a great time to talk more about what I learned in lecture and ask all my questions, so that I could make sure I had a solid understanding of everything before we moved onto the next topic in the next day’s lecture. The tests and quizzes are totally manageable IF you keep up with the homework and go to code review- you can’t expect to hear something once in lecture and be an expert at it without doing practice. The difficulty of the homework directly lined up with the difficulty of the tests/quizzes so DO THE HOMEWORK and get help on it if you need to!! There’s also tuesday night algorithms/interview coding prep workshops which are SO HELPFUL for practicing and getting better at coding. The final project was my favorite part!! You can pretty much pick whatever topic/project you want and the instructors help you come up with a manageable project and if you get stuck they’re there to help, but you’re the one deciding what to do (it’s insane to realize how many new skills you’ve picked up when you’re in the final project phase- I could code and understand so many Data Science models/algorithms that I never even had heard of before the course). All in all I learned so much and am so happy i did this!!