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Eric PiƱero A little bit about me: I attended App Academy, coming from about seven years in a non-software engineering career. My only experience in programming were some online courses in basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Pros: - You will learn a lot, very quickly. The structure of the projects and lectures keeps you learning and practicing non-stop - The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and will support you with both the coursework and your mental wellbeing - Conveniently located by a bunch of trains, so commuting is pretty easy - Extensive resources both during and after the program Cons: - The pacing is stressful, no way around it. Between the volume of information and the possibility of failing out due to failing assessments, you will be stressed - You will need to do a lot of work outside of class, so self-motivation is critical.
Anonymous A little about me, I came from the civil engineering field with no experience with coding except one or two courses in college. I went to App Academy looking to learn a new skill and shift my career towards software engineering. Below is my experience of the course. Pros: - Large amount of materials, everyday is a new topic. They make you learn continuously with time practice and put concepts into use. - Staffs are supportive and helpful. Staffs are always there to answer a technical question or to talk about other issues like handling stress. Most staffs have gone through the course and have great ways/tips to help jiggle all the different tasks. - Lots of pair programming. Gives the opportunity to work with different people and to practice talking about programming and explaining things in easy to understand ways. Cons: - Tons of work. In addition to lecture/pair programming during the day, there are hours of work on most nights like readings, homework and reviewing the day's solutions. There is really no time to do anything besides learning. - Stressful, physically and mentally. It can be difficult to get enough sleep trying to keep up with the program. Also, it's rare to completely finish a day's problems during the day, so there's always the pressure of falling behind. Even with all the work and stress I had to deal with, I think attending App Academy was the right choice. It has taught me a lot and I feel like I have a better chance to change my career afterwards.