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Nikolas Osvalds DevelopMe was a fantastic experience. I felt very well supported throughout the entire bootcamp by both the Instructors and Teaching Assistants. You can tell they really care about their students and creating a positive community. This was especially important for me as I attended the bootcamp (remotely) during covid lockdown in Bristol. The quality of the instructors is top notch with most of them having over 10-15+ years of experience. They have weekly 1-to-1s with different people from the course to check in, give you feedback on your performance, and for you to provide any feedback. They also arranged 2-3 group mental wellness sessions with an expert where we learned about dealing with stress and how the brain works. This was amazing! The tech stack taught is modern and up to date. There are quite a few jobs around Bristol that match it as well. I ended up getting a job in a fairly different stack so don't feel like it locks you into that stack. You learn programming fundamentals and how to learn a language which are very important skills in the fast-changing world of web development. Getting a job was the most difficult part of the process. I graduated at the end of June 2020, so not many companies were hiring junior developers. DevelopMe was supportive in providing guidance, resources, organizing a project to work on, and helping with connections. The projects done during the course were invaluable in discussing during the interview process. There was not much activity with hiring partners (I had 1 interview arranged by DevelopMe), but my understanding was that was mainly caused by covid. I was able to get 7 more interviews on my own and landed after 2mo of full-time job hunting. Post-course you are part of the Alumni Slack channel which is a nice little community of fellow web developers. It's a great place to learn about new happenings in the industry or get help with a question you're really stuck on.