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I joined Uvaro during COVID quarantine period. Now that I am graduated, I can confidently say that it is the BEST decision I made for myself. The curriculum is very nicely designed, it not only helped me to learn tech sales but also gave me confidence in presenting myself. Throughout 12 weeks, I could see growth in me and in my peers. The classes are addictive tbh, you kind of start missing them once you are done! 😄 Callum was our instructor and he is one of the most genuinely concerned, motivating, and helpful person I know. Joseph is an extremely friendly and approachable CEO. Donna and Sheila are always there for support. Alyx is a big bundle of energy and positivity.. 😀 I met some amazing people in these 12 weeks and made friends in this virtual world. I feel lucky for knowing these people and the awesome network I got introduced to because of Uvaro.