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Elhadji Gagny I was fortunate enough to have worked two quite complementary worlds; machine learning through my training and software dev in startup. Then I quickly realized that I needed a solid enough training to standardize everything and learn new concepts much more advanced. Being able to master the entire production chain of artificial intelligence, from architecture, to production going through the development of models, quickly seemed essential to me. And that's how I came across Yotta, who delivered it all in a condensed formula, thought out by engineers at the forefront of their field. After a few months, I came out with a more solid base of skills (cloud computing, engineering & soft skills) and enabled me today to expand the possibilities, my vision of AI was completely upset. Besides the professional experience, Yotta is a very rich human experience with lots of meetings and discussions that will make you understand that ML engineering is the sexiest new job of the 21st century.