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Jermane Hunt The Data Analyst Remote course was great for me. I had no prior experience with the tools we went over during the course. The course content consisted of Excel, SQL and Tableau. The flow of the class was great. First the instructor presented what each tool could do. Then we started with the basics, next we did practice in break out groups and then we were given the opportunity to practice. The teacher team was always available to help us. We were groomed to the point of presenting solutions to real life business questions that an employers would ask you to look into as a Data Analyst.
Rahul Gupta GA has a system and it gives reasoning as to why they are one of the biggest bootcamp companies across the world. They provide you with an aggressive but worthy program that will set you up for success. I cannot rage enough about the experience I had through my time in the Software Engineering Immersive Program. It was the toughest program I've done but one thing I can say for certain is I've never gone into a program and come out with so much knowledge and ability. The professors and TA's here area amazing as well, they give you a reason to walk away, they empower you to keep going and that's what made the biggest difference for me. A bootcamp isn't for everyone but if you're up for the challenge then GA is the place to go.