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Rohini I had no experience in the field of UX UI Designer, today I'm able to have and analyze a User experience from A to Z. Thanks to the teacher who explain very well and were always with us when we needed. They were able to manage even during lockdown thank you for this wonderful experience!!
Manon Morgaut I decided to follow Ironhack's program in the context of changing jobs from sales to Product Management. The objective was to develop the necessary tech skills to better collaborate with a dev team in my future job. The bootcamp I followed was from June to August 2020 meaning everything was done remotely. In general I am very satisfied with this course. They have managed to adapt smoothly to only-remote classes and even in this context I found it very easy to learn and work with the other students. The morning was dedicated to class and afternoon to labs. One needs to bear in mind that this is an intensive bootcamp hence the need to dedicate some time outside the class hours to go through the class material or review the classes of the day. It took a little bit of time for me to realize that and I went through some quite anxious phases when at some points I was realizing I was completely lost! What I particularly liked was the fact that for my final project I was given the freedom to do it my way: I decided to follow a product management methodology to develop the app I was working on, meaning I spent a lot of time doing discovery before actually starting the development phase, and both the teacher and TA supported me on this initiative.
Alice Prigent I am delighted to have been able to realize a web development bootcamp at IronHack. Despite the context (covid-19), the classes went well and we received quality instruction. The pedagogical team is listening and accompanies the students as well as possible throughout the training. The content of the training is very relevant, and favors the integration into the job market after the bootcamp. As is the career service that helps us find a job after the training. A great experience, I will do it again without hesitation!
Linda Mai Phung

I am very satisfied of my training this summer at Ironhack Paris. Even with the pandemic issues, the classes were taught easily via videoconference. I did lack the human vibe sometimes but fortunately, we could access the campus and meet with other classmates. Bootcamp: it is a very challenging training as it will take most of your evenings and week-ends (and your whole brain and mind) to learn, design and collaborate but it truly worths it: I have no hesitation anymore to prepare and rock presentations, work with a team and talk product strategy with my clients. Indeed, this training makes you confident enough to work for any early stage start-up and as a junior ux/ui designer even if you have no background in design. For the career program however, be sure to confirm what you really will get as there are re-adjusting their offer according to the current covid- situation.