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Bernat Muntaner Before starting the Bootcamp I didn't know if I would endure the intensity. But I just spend every day learning something new without ever thinking about the time. I would recommend it even if you don't want to work in the technical department. The job support is also great, even to this day.
Anonymous Coming from a University I was shocked with how invested everyone at CW was in my doing well in the course not only grasping the material but in my overall well being. Im used to a learning environment with huge 100+ people lectures and then small 30+ "lab" sessions with a tutor once a week. So coming into something where the class sizes are so small and you can get help in literally minutes was insane and made me feel like what have I been missing out on my whole life! I was looking at other bootcamps but they were either more expensive with larger class sizes and less TA's or cheaper with larger class sizes and less TA's so I found the perfect middle ground for me. My experience was awesome and then of course getting a job within 2 weeks of graduating was a huge confirmation. Do it you won't regret it
Victor The software engineering bootcamp at Codeworks has changed my life. I spent 12 hours every day, 6 days a week for 3 months at the bootcamp, still the time seemed too brief. The things you learn (not only coding), the amazing people you meet, the excellent teachers and the whole environment has made the experience totally worth it! Attending the bootcamp has helped me boost my career immensely. It has enabled me to find a great job, where I can apply all the concepts and skills acquired by me at the bootcamp, only two months after graduation. I am still in touch with their job support staff who constantly provide me with career guidance. I would highly recommend this bootcamp to all the people looking for a successful career as a software engineer.