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Ozzie Zamora A truly amazing experience, to be honest. I was part of the Part-Time UX Design course for 6 months, and I cannot really describe how much I enjoyed the process. For me, it was life-changing. I came into class with minimal background in design and walked out the door with a wide range of skillsets (from UX Research, Design Thinking, UI Design software technical skills to even project management and communication, etc.). The Ironhack Miami classroom environment is beautiful, and its location is a jewel (in the heart of Brickell). But the real value of Ironhack Miami resides in its people and staff. The social interactions, professional network, and friends that you are going to make there are gold. I cannot thank enough to my design instructors Snezana, Juno, and Jade. Big THANKS also to Brito, the Digital Talent & Business Development Manager, for his constant support and advice after graduation in the Job Hunt process. All I can say is that a year ago, I was frustrated in a job with no growth, no passion, no recognition for my efforts, and today I am moving into a full-time UI Design role in a big company in the middle of a pandemic with a tough job market. Still cannot believe it, my life is about to change, and Ironhack was definitely the trigger. THANK YOU IRONHACK MIAMI SO MUCH!!! Personal advises: - If you can, create a little design foundation by learning before joining the course (Youtube, etc.). This will make you stand out - PLEASE never stop learning, during, and even after the course. Be curious and try to learn as much as you can by yourself. Just the course is not going to make you land the job or a pro. You need to have the drive and passion for it (this is were most of the people fail after the course, in my opinion) - Participate in meetups and reach out to the community for help if necessary, do not be afraid