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Career difference Going to SynergisticIT was probably one of the best decisions of my life, and I am saying it based on my personal experience- no filters just the truth! A year ago I moved to San Francisco and I was working for job that paid me at max $35-45K when I accepted an offer here for $50-55K post my graduation. Though it was higher than what I was making in other city, it was still less as compared to many of my friends who were working as software developers. But after training with SynergisticIT people, I got a job that paid $105K. I mean double of what I was earning before. Not just this, the difference in the kind of job, I mean I am more relaxed here, I have better work life balance and I get to work on full time projects that matter and not that side work. I enjoy coding here and have made quite a reputation. Now I won’t say this happened overnight, I worked really hard, even spent so many sleepless nights figuring out projects but it was all worth it. The people I made some of my best friends here, starting from day one. Even throughout the program, you get to work with someone different every week. With assignments that take two three days to complete, you really become good friends with people around. In campus thing was my favorite but I am now loving the virtual world as well. The staff is wonderful too. They are supportive, knowledgeable and really work with you to clear your doubts. They used to spend hours sometimes to help clear our doubts even though they were out of curriculum. Coursework I still wonder how I was able to learn so much so quickly and became a qualified software developer who could earn double of what he was earning before. Even some of my friends who graduated from college at the same time when I did from boot camp were still looking for jobs and they even had more experience than me. So I guess it is more about the quality of program you are in than the total time you are spending towards something. SynergisticIT teachers focus on fundamentals and help develop soft skills too because they are not coaching you just to make you a programmer but the best one who is competent enough to get hired by top companies. Compared to other camps It’s not that I did not look for other camps while deciding, I did. But what I noticed was that many of them aggressively trying to sell you the program and they seemed to care more about the money than other things. With this one, money isn’t something they are after. They will only get you admission if they think you can put in the work and has a dedicated mind because let me tell you, the courses are intense and not at all for weak minded people. They even have flexible payment plan where you can pay part of the fee after you get a job. Plus with lot of other camps, though their course was good, there was no job support either because they did not have many industry clients or because they did not have much knowledge in the field. This is not the problem with SynergisticIT because they have the best client list and they get you hired based on your expectations and skill set – no forced contracts and no relocation. Overall experience If you want to be a coder and serious about making a career out of this then join SynergisticIT! The curriculum gives you knowledge you need to impress prospective employers on your skills. Just remember that you also need to put in the work to succeed coz if you won’t then the good curriculum and job support also can’t do anything. Their batch size is small too as compared to other camps so it allows for focused teaching. Just sometimes the assignments become too much to handle and we feel a little cramped but that also teaches you to work under pressure situations.