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I was in the same industry for 20 years since I was 19. Here’s how Uvaro helped me pivot- +They showed me why tech sales was accessible and lucrative. I thought I could only break into tech after a couple of months if I endured my nightmare of learning to code 12 hours/day. +It’s all-you-can-learn, everyday, in real-life situations. After two hours of class, I tested and practiced what I learned for another 8 hours a day (even though assignments could probably be completed in 90 minutes). Both of Uvaro’s instructors are compelling and inspiring which makes you want to implement and master everything they’re teaching. Weekly SPIFFS help too! +Uvaro’s paid internship program gave me an opportunity to experience the rollercoaster ups and downs of a seed round startup. Uvaro leaders, themselves trained me "on-site" while providing my tech stack + subscriptions, since early stage startups won’t always have sales managers and a promising tech stack. About six weeks later, I was offered a full time role as their first sales hire! +During the internship period, I received warm intros for job interviews every week. I wasn’t searching and applying for jobs at all. The Uvaro ecosystem and their career services staff just kept feeding me opportunities. These interviews helped me to pinpoint the type of tech company I wanted to work at. +My job offer included equity which was all new and confusing to me. My school’s CEO took time to chat with me for half an hour and I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my salary negotiations. +I’m still in community with all my teachers, alumni, new recruits in Slack. Uvaro continues to provide opportunities to connect with industry leaders through sales leadership webinars, coffee sessions, and happy hours.

Aileen Rioux I can't say enough great things about the program, instructors, career coach, Founders and support team. The curriculum is comprehensive and in-depth. I learned the world of tech sales - prospecting, different methodologies, product demo and new tech stack. Uvaro provided me with the skills needed to be effective and successful, from social selling and video prospecting to applying my learnings through the paid internship program. I met and connected with sales leaders and employers that I would never have had the chance to meet if it were not for Uvaro. The instructors were always available for support; my career coach was always on-hand to help me with my resume/interviews/employer outreach; the Founders provided me with insights about employers and my offer letter. As a grad, I have access to career support and other ways to help me level-up with my professional development. It's one of the best career decisions I've made!
Angeline Faytaren I was a recent immigrant to Canada when I came across Uvaro. I had been applying for SDR and BDR positions prior to joining the course and had zero responses. I knew that there was something missing in my applications and experience. I just thought that maybe Uvaro can help me get a better understanding of what that was and I can work on that on my own. Uvaro did that and much more. We were taught all the necessary skills, industry norms, and best practices to not just land jobs but thrive in our roles too. Even prior to finishing the course, I had received two job offers. The support that the Uvaro team provides also goes beyond the 12 weeks that the program offers. As any person who has worked in sales will tell you, sometimes you get the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Uvaro has been there for me to celebrate my wins and provide support when times get stressful. My career coach (and also one of my most favorite people) Donna, never fails to ask me how Uvaro can help me with whatever it is I'm up to at work. Uvaro has become my happy place. I always look forward to speaking to my fellow Uvaro alumni (shout out to 2020-4!), instructors (Sheila and Callum), career coaches (Donna and Alyx), and the rest of the team (Sarah, Joseph, Kristina, John). I absolutely cannot imagine where I would be if I didn't join Uvaro!