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Felipe (Por favor copie e cole no google tradutor se você é um futuro estudante e esta pesquisando sobre qual escola ir) Covid 19, lost my Grandpa, lost two businesses, went completely bank corrupt, and decided to sign up for the boot camp because was always one of my dreams and I used to be a very big Fã of iron hack. The boot camp for its self was perfect, a lot of things happened in my personal life in the middle and they were very supportive. But in the end, they are lacking in their customer service for their older students, they claim to have a slack Channel but they don't answer you there, they promise a T-shirt for everyone, which is very SIMPLE, and until today we got nothing, as I also need to review some of the classes that I had because they said that each class was being recorded (on zoom) and in fact was, but they won't answer you back when you need, I already sent two emails and yes they read it already ( i have a tool that shows that), but nothing, it's so frustrating because I still need to finish my portfolio to start looking for jobs, but before I wanna see a few things that I forgot, BUT they don't answer, come on guys, for a really expansive Bootcamp and a school like you guys, you guys will really fail with me because of a simple email? I even referred you guys to a friend in Portugal, and yes he joined you guys because of me. It's really frustrating. Hope this can help you guys before you signing up. It's so sad to see how you guys really get me, got my money, and left alone in the middle of a pandemic, and yes, why I say that? Because you guys promise me that everything was going to be okay, and it's not! I just need the link for the recording class, that's it! I Paid for that, that's why I think it’s the minimum thing that I could get back from you guys.