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As a former sales specialist working in the automotive industry, I left my previous job to expand my skillset. There has been a talk of crisis in this industry for several years, so Im glad I made my choice to change career already before the COVID-19 situation. I have always been interested in tech and coding, so I decided to first do online studies and then look for more intense study way. The instructors and mentors were outstanding - all very approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced in interacting with students at different skill levels. I suppose it is natural that I little bit preferred a teaching style of some instructors little more that the others but I also know that some of the other students had the opposite preference :) it comes down to how “guided” you prefer to be, whether you enjoy being often checked upon or prefer to study more independently and seeing for help yourself, when needed. However, all of them are really great people, friendly and fun and Im so glad I could spend this time together with them. I found it great that I could meet various alumni at networking events, it helped me build my confidence and I got a better idea of the market. I applied for jobs fairly early on during the programme (earlier than we were recommended :-) and it paid off. I wanted to explore a bit so I attended around 12 interviews before finding the right match but Im happy I did this despite it was draining at times. If I have any recommendation for someone who is thinking about this path, then it definitely is making sure that you like figuring stuff out. It might sound like cliche but it simply is true. So if you, enjoy the studies, have fun, and go for it!