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Laura I have been CEO of a company for several years now. I felt for some years that the need to learn how to code had become indispensable in my job. Indeed, I had to communicate very regularly with developers and technical teams and to be relevant and totally at ease in the decisions I had to make this was essential. I particularly appreciated the program offered by La Capsule but also the language taught, javascript, which is the most popular today. I had never coded before and I loved discovering completely new knowledge. The program is very well done, the skill development is progressive. It is also very intense, with a new feature to develop every day. The teaching team was also very attentive and available. They put us on the right track and were always available to answer our questions. The understanding within the Batch was also very good with people coming from totally different backgrounds and having various projects. It's very interesting and enriching. This experience allowed me to acquire key skills in web and mobile development. I now feel comfortable with the technical aspect and much more legitimate in my work and in the decisions I make.

I am an entrepreneur and wanted to develop my own application. Some entrepreneur friends of mine had advised me to learn how to code so that I could realize my project myself and not be dependent on external service providers. I also found it essential to understand my product 100% to be credible to my future customers and investors. At the end of the day, learning how to code was the best decision of my life. I loved the pedagogy taught at La Capsule with a project to develop each week. I thought it was great to increase my skills and see what I had learned or what needed to be reworked. The sprint method was also a good way to assimilate the notions as you go along but in a quick and efficient way. The final project allowed me to develop, with my group, the mvp of my project. It is the culmination of a lot of work and a dream come true for me. I will continue to work on the development of my project with other alumni of my batch, hoping that it will be operational as soon as possible. I am delighted with my training at La Capsule, everything was perfect from the beginning to the end. I would do it again without hesitation and with great pleasure.