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Amina Antoniazzi I attended Codeworks bootcamp under exceptional circumstances, during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the situation I attended remotely. Although a bit worried about the remote setting to begin with, it proved to work well both for the Zoom lessons and the pair programming: neither was badly affected and as a cohort we tried our best to support each other and socialise virtually throughout the course. I also believed this prepared me to work remotely as a professional programmer. The course combined code-alongs, pair programming, solo practice and docs reading - the variety helped keeping it interesting and I learned more about my personal preferences when it comes to acquire new tech skills. In my opinion, the curriculum seemed up-to-date overall (the technologies learned were reflected on the ads in my job search afterwards). As in any programme, it's important to put effort in to see the results: integrating the lessons with your own reading, focusing on the technologies you're most interested in, and choosing personal projects wisely. Despite the market crisis during the pandemic, I found a job 2 weeks after the end of the course.