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Ludovic I had been working in marketing for some time now and I wanted to change a little bit, to acquire new skills to complete my curriculum, to be able to manage my teams with a fine understanding of the technical issues and thus be more relevant in the management of my projects. Some friends told me about La Capsule. I immediately got hooked with the team and the program. I found it very coherent and well done. It allows to gradually builds up skills and to discover new functionalities every day. The atmosphere was also amazing within the Batch. It's great to be able to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds. There is a real emulation. The Buddy system that changes every day allows us to meet everyone and creates a form of mutual help between us. The Teachers and TA are also great, passionate about what they do and always willing to help us and give us advice. To sum up, a very nice training both on a professional and human level. I never thought I would learn so much in 10 weeks. I am now working as a Product Owner and I can say that the training has been a real boost for my career.

After several years working in finance, I wanted to give more meaning to my professional life and dreamed of working in the tech industry, a very stimulating environment full of opportunities. I didn't want to go back to school for several years, so the bootcamp format was totally in line with my expectations. I really liked the program offered by La Capsule and the fact that it teaches the most popular languages of the moment. I really loved learning how to code. La Capsule's pedagogy is very well done. It not only allows you to learn how to code but also to acquire a mindset that can be useful in many other areas. In my opinion, completing 10 projects in 10 weeks is a real plus to progress and at the end of the course you come out with a full portfolio to present to recruiters. I never thought I would reach such a level in 10 weeks knowing that I was starting from 0. I now feel 100% operational to start my new life and find a position as a junior developer. Thanks to La Capsule for this incredible experience !