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Kieran Cott Coding Fellowship, Bristol: Mar - Jun 2020 I am very pleased with my decision to study with DevelopMe_ as part of the Spring 2020 cohort. I had had some reservations regarding how things would proceed in light of lockdowns, but I in fact found myself immensely impressed with the way DevelopMe_ adapted to restrictions, and succeeded in delivering an immersive and personal experience despite the challenges of online teaching. The curriculum itself and the technologies taught are thoughtfully chosen to teach a skillset thorough and broad enough to be job-ready and building your own projects alone in just 12 weeks, which is no mean feat. The instructors were able to strike an effective balance between supporting those who need help, and stretching those who did not. Without fail, everyone in the cohort graduated with a solid knowledge base in popular frameworks and languages providing them an excellent platform on which to start their job search. Throughout the course, I felt engaged, challenged, and supported. The later weeks of the course I found particularly demanding, but this only added to the sense of satisfaction and achievement upon successfully building and presenting our final project at the end of the course. The instructors made themselves available throughout the course for whenever help was required, and DevelopMe_ even sent out care packages to get us through lockdown. As a cohort, we were able to meet up virtually outside the course, and were able to enjoy the social aspects of the course despite the restrictions. There are many bootcamps out there, but DevelopMe_ stands out for three reasons: 1.. Instructors, Teaching: They're knowledgable, personable, friendly, and approachable. Wed development is not a simple subject, yet the instructors are able to explain difficult concepts in a way that is methodical and comprehensible. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials out there on all sort of subjects pertaining to web development, but not a single one comes close to the thorough, up-to-date, and surprisingly straight-forward lessons these instructors are able to deliver. 2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course is extremely well-designed, and in retrospect is impressive in its ability to take a student from no-experience to Full Stack in 12 weeks. The course steadily progresses through programming concepts to specific languages, to specific frameworks. The cumulative nature of this learning means that difficult concepts dont feel quite as difficult, due to already possessing the prerequisite knowledge. By the end of the course, you will have skills broad enough such that if you have an idea - you already have the skills with which to build it. 3.. Personal touch, care, support: Care packages, weekly one-on-ones, virtual social meetups, dedicated virtual rooms to drop in with a TA any time, practise interviews, and job support. There is a well established graduate community offering help, advice and support, and DevelopMe_ will continue to assist you even after you have finished the course. Given the chance again, I would choose DeveloipMe_ Bristol again without hesitation. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into web development, whether they be university graduates or career changers; or those looking to develop their web development knowledge. How do I award 6 stars? Outstanding.