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Anonymous You still learn some things along the way of bootcamp, but don’t get an understanding of deeper concepts. Once you get to interview, you bump. Interview preparation is not covered at all. Job search support is a joke, they might mention referrals and will only give it to a few students (With a computer science background, for example). Of course, you can cover the gaps and learn yourself, but it takes time and gets expensive. The projects you built are never get reviewed, and it’s very hard to get support (not enough instructors). The lab times during the course are not supported by instructors, they just leave 4-5 students in the breakout room for hours, then if you say something, they say: “You, guys need to problem-solve”, and a lot of times instructors don’t know the answers. Instructors seem overworked by the school (they are intelligent, hard-working professionals who caught up in the bad working environment and lack of training by the General Assembly). Very frustrating experience. If any questions you ask, the first thing you hear is google and come back in a day to us. So overall this intensive is overpriced and not well structured. They are not putting the students first. I would call this bootcamp is a money-making machine. Sadly, that’s the world we are living in.