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Amine I did a business school in Lyon. After my gap year during which I did internships in digital, I realized the importance of the technical aspect to communicate with teams and understand the key notions in programming. Several of my colleagues had done bootcamp trainings and told me about La Capsule. I greatly appreciated my exchanges with the team during the recruitment process and I found the program exciting. I decided to integrate the fullstack training. I loved learning brand new, very concrete concepts that complete my knowledge acquired in business school. The pedagogy is great! You get stronger as you go along and working on projects is a real plus. You see what you are capable of and it's very motivating. I also really liked Buddy's system, which changes every day. It's a very good way to create a self-help system, which allows us to both re-explain certain concepts and have others explained to us in return. On top of that, the atmosphere is great, always very caring and the team and teachers are always there when we need them. Very nice experience that allows you to acquire very good skills. I 100% recommend this type of training to people like me who went to business school and want to have both business and tech skills. It's a real plus on a resume!

I come from a universe far away from code but I have wanted for several years now to reconvert and change my life. I joined La Capsule and I am delighted with my experience. The program is very well built, you can see the concepts as you go along and you can apply them directly during the afternoon projects. This allows you to assimilate them as you go along. The final project, by group, is also an excellent way to review all the concepts and to be able to apply them directly. You come out of the training with a lot of knowledge but also with a well-filled portfolio thanks to all the projects you have the opportunity to work on. All the resources we have at our disposal are great and of course the teachers are passionate and always ready to give us advice. I recommend this training 100%. It has changed my life and I now feel ready to start a career as a developer. I discovered an exciting universe in which I am now fully blossoming.