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Kyle Wolterstorff I was looking for a career change and stumbled upon Skillcrush's quiz to see if tech is right for you. After taking the quiz, I went through their free bootcamp to see if coding was something I wanted to pursue. I loved it, so I decided to go for their Break Into Tech program. It was the perfect course for someone who has zero tech experience. The curriculum was easy to follow and I could get several lessons done each day. I could work as fast or as slow as I wanted. Plus, I had access to lots of support, whether it was asking fellow students through Slack or emailing instructors with questions/feedback. One of the other reasons Skillcrush stood out to me was the job support. I'm able to schedule counseling sessions to talk about what I should be working on and advice for job hunting. If you are looking to start coding with no background experience, Skillcrush is the perfect place to begin your training.