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I dropped out of college and left my part time work to become a full time coder. It was a risky decision but it paid off. May be because I trained at a good place that is SynergisticIT! I know there are so many camps around but not all of them function in the same way. Some have strong curriculum, some have good placement rate and some have more practical sessions. But with them, you get the mix of all these. If you want to join in person classes then this place is not it as they are 100% online but I will share my list of pros and cons here so you guys can make an informed decision. But first, let me tell you what you need! You need to have dedication and time to survive through a boot camp. It is intense and for 5-6 months you can’t do anything else except concentrating on your training coz if you do, you won’t be as successful as other coders in the beginning. The learning curve and experience here is good as long as you are true to the commitment part. Ok coming back to the pros and cons part. Here is my experience summed up for you without any filters: Pros: •This camp will not just make you a coder but a dedicated one as well. They have a routine, its five days classes and assignments on weekend and you gotta stick to it •You don’t feel rushed or anything as teachers explain the curriculum quite thoroughly •Courses are up to date and filled with real world examples •You get the best out of your money and time here with experienced teachers •Small batch size so you get undivided attention (another imp factor) •You don’t have to pay all the fees upfront •They build a strong foundation by making your fundamentals strong •You get time to practice and complete your projects, not as much as you want but then setting deadlines is important too •You get the best kind of job support as they will get you multiple interviews and you have the freedom of choosing your employer Cons •People with no experience could find this camp a little challenging. I mean they will have to work even harder to catch up. Taking a prep course is a good option. •You really have to be committed to the camp and nothing else for the duration of training. Forget about weekends, fun, parties or any such thing coz most of your free time will go into solving coding problems Hope this gives you a better insight into the world of coding! Good luck