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Tia Low

Code Fellows is indeed a coding bootcamp, but it's a lot more than just a place you go to learn how to write code. The program is robust in that it teaches you as much about coding, the industry, and "how to learn" as can be taught in 6 months! They do a great job of exposing you to different parts of the industry and different paths your career could take you. The community is genuine, supportive, and legitimately interested in your success. If you're anything like me 6 months ago, considering a change in your career to better set yourself up for the future, I would highly recommend this program. The instructors and TAs are fantastic and if you find yourself learning from Roger, Nich, Lena, or JB, consider yourself lucky! They are experienced, up on current industry trends, and willing to help out in any way they can. There's a place for everyone in tech and Code Fellows will help you figure out where that might be for you.