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Mohamad Rizal Full disclosure; none of this testimonial is in any way to try to market the program, but rather coming from my own authentic and genuine experience. My situation is rather unique in a way that I ended up taking a role with the company. So my review is going 360, now that I'm on the inside of the organization. Here is how I rate my experience: OVERALL The thing that drew me in the first time was how clean and organized information is being put together, making it appealing for me to apply. It turned out, there were more beyond the surface on how the program is being packaged. The responsive and super friendly follow-up by Sarah after I had applied, making me want to explore more about the program. Having 15+ years of hospitality experience both in academic and professional space under my belt, I know exceptional service when I see one. The decision to move forward after conducting my research and asking around was a no-brainer. I'd done my due diligence, and was ready to fully commit into the program. CURRICULUM I took minor in education when completing my masters, was an academic, and held a role as university deputy director in charge of academic and quality assurance. Again, I know few things about curriculum, material preparation, and execution in adult education space. The way Uvaro is being run is very impressive. Sheila as my cohort instructor created a safe environment where students are encouraged to participate and engage in the practice and discussion, all conducive towards maximum learning experience. Her clarity in delivery and articulation paired with expertise in the industry made the discussion and material really on-point, relevant, simple to digest and implement. JOB SUPPORT One of the greatest things about the program was the amount of job support you will get in preparing you for the role in the tech space with little to no industry background at all. Expert career coaching started from the beginning of the program, getting you ready to land that dream job through finding your why, improving assets, interview practice, and rigorous job applying and tracking. Not only that, but having the access of growing alumni and support network really helped in finding that new job. Even after landing that tech sales role, Uvaro team and alumni still participate, engage, and support each other. After graduation, knowing that there was an opening in the company, I jumped in to apply with no hesitation. I believe in the product, process, and people to name a few. Uvaro is founded and lead by the most approachable and friendly people I have ever met. The support, teamwork, and positive culture is very impressive!