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Earlier this year, I decided to pursue a career change. I was working as an actuary for several years, and became interested in the world of data science. Even though actuarial science is considered to be the original data science, in modern times, the two career tracks are quite different. It felt intimidating to make the transition into the field of data science on my own, not knowing where to get started. In the beginning I was looking into getting a master’s in data science. However, I was deterred by the huge time, and cost commitment of pursuing a master’s degree. I started investigating various data science bootcamps having known several people who had successfully made career changes by attending bootcamps for programming, or design. A friend of mine recommended I check out NYCDSA. In the end, I chose NYCDSA over other programs I was considering, because it is the only data science academy that teaches both R and Python. The bootcamp is only 3 months long, but covers a ton of material, and will be one of the most intense learning experiences of your life. The program focuses heavily on practical applications. and is structured so you’re picking up the right skills in the most efficient manner. The instructors are super knowledgeable, and always there to support you along the way. A career in Data Science is a continuous learning journey, and NYCDSA was the perfect place for me to get started. I think the bootcamp does a fantastic job of helping you build a solid foundation of data science skills applicable to a range of data science career tracks. Simultaneously, there’s a lot of freedom to explore the niche field you are interested in.