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There is really quality education and also quality teachers as well. One of the most important point is we used latest updates and we learned what needs to be learned the most. So it led to prepare as a full stack developer. I added new values to myself with SDA. I proud of myself when I see my improved. I appreciate to join.

Muresan Ionut - Alexandru I am amazed by the fact that the programming field was here all the time. I have heard people saying that this field is not for everyone which is true. It's not for everyone that is lazy and enjoys the comfort zone. This field is for the ones that enjoy learning, that enjoy getting out of the comfort zone and start innovating the needs of society through software development. It is quite insane the fact that ideas really come to life here. If you want to create an app that does something, you can google stuff and there you have it. It's just a matter of time until you find the recipe and cook it for world wide web. I had the most amazing trainers alive out there. I want to thank them for having the patience and not kill me for all the questions during the course. Above all this awesome remarks, there are a few negative ones from me. First of all, the learning material is awful, not enough descriptive content, just a bunch of lines of code thrown here and there. Really bad descriptive content. I had to read Baeldung website all the time because of this failure. Just please rewrite your content for the future learning groups cause it's impossible to achieve something with those awfully written pdf courses. Actually guys, you are lucky with the trainers cause they are a well of knowledge, else would have been a hard time learning something. As far as I know, the content from which I learn is the back bone of your course, but this back bone is filled with rigidity, and I am not pleased at all. If not for the trainers I would have drop out. Thank you.