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Tim E Tech Elevator's fully remote program is incredibly accommodating, especially in these times of health concerns and increased social distancing. To ensure all students start with the necessary tools, Tech Elevator will send a laptop (and optional extra monitor) pre-loaded with all the necessary software that will be used for class. Should any issues arise, tech support is fast -- they understand that the bootcamp moves quickly through concepts and lessons, so tech issues, if they arise, are usually resolved within a week. Though the description says the program lasts 14 weeks, there are about 2 weeks of pre-work to complete before classes even begin. For those jumping in with no coding experience, significant time should be devoted to the pre-work. The first 2-3 weeks of classes cover basic concepts of coding as well as basic syntax and logical methods. Again, it's important to note that for those with no prior coding experience, devote your time to the bootcamp and utilize your study groups. These first few weeks are intense -- they don't use the word "bootcamp" lightly; IT IS A BOOTCAMP. Trust that if you can make it through the first 2 weeks, you will have what it takes to make it through the whole program. The Pathway Program (Tech Elevator's career program) is only as valuable as the effort put in. Your career coach will meet individually and review your resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch in depth, often highlighting and fleshing out details that make one stand out from the rest. There are also events in which hiring managers come to showcase their companies and students are put fact-to-face with recruiters. Because of these events, it's not uncommon for some students to receive an offer even before graduating the program. Again, it should be emphasized that this Pathway Program is only as valuable as the effort put in. Finally, after graduation, alumni still receive career support for up to six months to land that first coding job. Personally, it was about 10 days after graduation until I received my first offer. To sum up, Tech Elevator is for those looking for a career change in tech, can afford the tuition, and most importantly, can afford to focus on classes/homework/projects full time for 16 weeks (including the 2 weeks of pre-work). It most definitely takes a lot of commitment, but if completed, the results are worth it.
James Arnold If you're looking for a boot camp to guide you into your new career in Software Development, there is none better than Tech Elevator. I chose Tech Elevator after seeing the CIRR report that provides complete transparency into their 95% graduation rate and 92% job placement rate. The program was supposed to be in person, but due to Covid was transitioned to online. In my opinion, the program was outstanding fully remote. The instructors are available day and night to answer any question you may have and go above and beyond. The pathway program cannot be understated though. They truly prepare you for the developer interview process and don't quit until you're signing your offer letter. The combination of these two programs sets Tech Elevator apart. I cannot recommend it enough.