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David Ta I had a great experience taking this 10-week Machine Learning course remotely at BrainStation. The class size was very small (~5 students) and was lead by a lead professor and an assistant professor whom are knowledegable machine learning practitioners with years of in-field experience. This course was challenging if you're rusty at statistics or programming but the 10-week course allows you enough time to grasp each complex topic. Our weekly courses had a 3.5 hour lecture time with in class questions to help practice & reinforce ideas on what we learned in class. Our instructors had also set up a couple of minutes for closing thoughts, questions or potential 1:1 sessions. This provided an interactive session with the class rather than a full 3 hour lecture. Our class notes and assignments were already neatly packaged into jupyter notebooks, and are available in advance of each class; this allowed students to review class notes prior to the class. Our instructors also presented new technologies (GCP) and machine learning frameworks that are being utilized and how they are being utilized for their own work applications. The final assignment was the only toughest challenge in the course, as it builds upon 10-weeks worth of content into final analytical project. Our class had the opportunity to work with medical drug treatment data and to understand it's complexity in features was a major struggle. However, when reflecting against real life experiences, often times data engineers or data scientists can be tasked with working with complex datasets that they may be unfamiliar with. And so this final project provided a glimpse into this ideology. I’d recommend this course to data engineers, new graduates, or analysts looking to increase their analytical background, and stay on top of their competition. Full disclosure: I was given complimentary access to this course in exchange for my honest opinions.
Fiorella Campodonico I took this course online, it was taken over a 10 week period and I opted to take it Monday evenings from 6:30PM - 9:30PM since I work full time M-F until 5:30-6:00PM most days. I have zero design background, and so was a complete newbie to UX Design. I found the course content really insightful and well paced, and at the end of each module, they had additional links with extra resources to learn more, I recommend going through this to supplement your knowledge (as it is a lot to learn). I definitely recommend sticking to picking a project topic early, so that you can work on it during the class-work practices and get closer to completing your final project and practice at the same time. I really enjoyed the instructors: Christopher Miller and Andrew Noel, I felt they both complimented each other well and kept the class engaged and lifted up the energy whenever it was needed. I would def take another online course with Brainstation again, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a total newbie and curious or even someone who knows a bit and wants to get some feedback and better at what they do, they'll get to do that on the final project. Overall great experience!