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Cesar Valdez The bootcamp is divided in two parts, junior and senior. I can say that during the junior part my learning experience was very intense. I had some very basic background on web development (js and php) from working with joomla and drupal, which helped me to understand better the concepts around programming (networks, servers, OS configurations and other basic things). Having this basic knowledge was essential for me to cope with the junior’s part, so much was being thrown at us during the lectures, and every day we would have to work on those concepts in code. Yes, it is true that you need to be VERY motivated to learn, since most of the time it is up to you to come up with a solution, you are encouraged to become fully autonomous and use online resources to help you solve the problem (stack-overflow, official documentation etc). For some this might be a bummer, in my experience this was essential to my formation since once you leave the bootcamp you are on your own. Even so, if you really get stuck (which happened often) the teacher assistants are super helpful in guiding you through possible solutions, giving you hints or even explaining concepts that you haven’t “sunk in” during the lecture. By the end of the juniors part, I was able to work with many libraries and frameworks on my own. The seniors part is different, it is all about creating projects. There aren’t many lectures since it’s all about coding a real project, which might feel different for everybody. In my case it felt more like learning how to deal with complicated documentation from libraries and frameworks, learning the main differences between technologies you might want to use, understanding better how sql databases work etc. It was good, but I had more fun during the juniors part. My advice is, that if you are wanting to change career (like it was my case), you should be passionate about computer science (not only development). There is a TON of stuff that you will have to learn and understand, before, during & after the bootcamp, it never ends. If you are not serious into spending hours and hours studying hard, and banging your head against your laptop from all the frustration you might find during your new career because of all the thing you still need to learn, then maybe reconsider. The bootcam is a great introduction to the main concepts of computer science and you start developing your programing skills, so yes you learn lots of things, but, it DOES NOT END THERE. After the bootcamp I had to spend hours and hours doing test for job applications, every test I learned a lot more, and more confident each time. For some people it might take two weeks, or even less to get a job, it all depends on your personal skills and how far you want to go. The staff will always be by your side during the job hunt, the support is amazing, and you will always get excellent feedback on how to deal with your next interview. So yes, it definitely pays back.