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Anonymous I had debated about joining the Software QA program for a couple of years. I finally took the leap while Covid was going on. Entering the program, I knew nothing about Software QA. I would spend extra time studying and working on what we had learned at night after class was over. The program was 9am-5pm, but for me it was more like 9am-12am some nights. The teachers were great. Even with the program being online, everyone in our program was responsive and helpful. You have class and mini-assignments during the day, then homework at night. Toward the end of the program you complete a personal project as well as a group project. After completing the course, you receive help with your resume and LinkedIn. I followed all the advice and applied to every job posting that fit what I was looking for. Even during Covid, I have been through multiple interviews and have received a job offer! I can now start a career path that I'll be happy in. It worked out for me, but I worked hard. Only do it if you're ready for a change and willing to work hard.