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CM Pros - teachers' patience to explain everything - the course is making you more responsible and object oriented :) - great atmosphere in the class Cons First and the most important: it felt that this course it wasn't design for people with jobs, rather for people that have free time and want to develop more and are familiar with those concepts. - you have too much information in short time and it FAILS TO TEACH BASE CONCEPTS PROPERLY - order of lessons is messy - there is no test of ability, before starting the course to see the level of students (to work with a computer, to absorb new ideas) and from this starts the inability of teachers to raise the level of teaching and practice with exercise - some teachers where just reading this concepts from their computer like a robot, without to much explanation (why was invented that concept, from where derives, how is working in the computer that concept) - a few times, I felt that it would have been better (financially & time consuming) if I started an online course with 1% from this course price - the knowledge is not sufficient for a junior position/ career change if you had a normal job and you learn after work Overall I think the course is a guide in my way to understand better what I have to do/ to learn from now on to be a developer. In the same time I am deeply disappointed with the lack of group projects (only the final project), if it were up to me I'll do all the projects/ homework for teams, because recruiters look at junior's what they know and if he know to work in a team. And I believe that greater emphasis on team work, would help students grow faster and better!