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Amber Sewell I took BrainStation's 10-week Web Development (virtual) course in August 2020-October 2020. I'm currently a UX Product Designer and thought it would be great to learn more about how my designs are actually coded and implemented by the team I work with. I had a high-level knowledge of HTML and CSS from my undergrad studies in some Web Design courses but it has been quite a while so many of the concepts while familiar I did feel like I was learning for the first time. I really liked the structure and pace of the course, since we would go over some of the course material but then dive right into coding simple components and working our way up. Both instructors were super knowledgeable and approachable in the online format, I frequently was able to get 1-1 time to answer questions or understand why my code was off. We also had the opportunity to learn about special types of code not included in the course. There was also a ton of flexibility around the final project and everyone in the class had something neat to present at the end. Overall I definitely recommend this course if you're working on digital product design in any capacity or to see if it's something you want to do full-time but don't want to commit to the full-time course just yet.