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Cody Hogge (01NOV20) Overall I wish I could give a higher review, as the staff that I did interact with (remotely due to Covid-19) were all very professional, polite, and responsive. I certainly did learn quite a bit from my 3 Months in the Full Stack Java Developer Training so that is definitely a positive. I was expecting/hoping for more in regards to the "Job Support." I have only just graduated from the course, and plan to update this review as time progresses, and hopefully I land a new career position. Curriculum - The bottom line is I learned how to create a Web Application with Java. However, I feel that I did not learn the "why" or "how to use" a lot of these aspects. Only 3 hours per evening with an instructor does not leave a lot of time to break down and explain some of these concepts we are trying to learn. I brought up repeatedly than learning to "Copy and Paste" doesn't teach me very much, and is concerning for answering technical questions during interviews. Instead of addressing the concern, the most common answer I got was "A lot of coding is Copy & Paste." Leaving the actual learning of content (outside of a poorly constructed, not very informational, copy and pasted Powerpoint during the 3-hour instruction block) to google and search engines. I did not use 6-months of my GI Benefits to learn how to code via Google and youtube. Job Search - As I said earlier, I have only recently graduated and have not seen very much job support to this point. We have had a virtual demo day prior to graduation, and hopefully over the coming days there will be some kind of response to that. We had a few organizations/student alums come throughout my course to present about their company, but wasn't really beneficial or impactful (they took time out of the short instruction block most often, so more detrimental most often). Pro's- Staff is great * Good number of connections for setting up presentations * Coding mentor for me was phenomenal (Alex graduated claim a short time ago, came back to help as a mentor and is great at debugging/ explaining what we are doing, HE SHOULD BE AN INSTRUCTOR) * I went from No coding to developing a WEB APP from the ground up in 3 months. Needs Work - Communication, things just sort of happen with no real instruction of what each time block means, what to do next, etc. * Orientation paperwork has some concerning wording and could use refinement * More teaching of the concepts * teach more than just creating a web app Overall, knowing what I know now, I would say that the Claim Academy is worth the time. I have registered for one more cohort here, because I know that I will definitely learn how to do something, and gives me the foundation to learn the concepts again on my own instead of starting from nowhere with nothing.