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Marina Fuxa I wanted to change of career path and I chose Ironhack to learn web-development. It's tough when you start from 0 but all the team is great and encouraging. If you have any doubt, talk with them, they are here to help. Lessons are complete, you will learn a lot of different tools, really useful. The 3 projects summarize and mix what you learned, you will practice a lot and that's the best way to learn. And the career week will help you to be ready to find a job. Teachers and TA did a great job. Really good program and cheerful team. The bootcamp is over 2 months so you have , obviously, to practice and improve by yourself also. I did all the bootcamp in remote, it was ok and they dealt with it pretty well. For me, it was actually better because I couldn't move to Paris. I recommend this bootcamp! Thank you all.
Raphaelle Before I started the bootcamp, I was really scared I wouldn't make it. But that was before... =) At Ironhack you will find : - A teaching team that listens and is always there to help and support you - Great courses - A very good atmosphere - Top tips
Camille Mazé The bootcamp doesn't seem to be that long, but thanks to the classes and the projects we are learning so much in a short amount of time. Furthermore we are working on project after class and during weekends, because we are motivated and giving ourselves fully.
Tiago McDonald I am glad to have invested my time and money in this bootcamp. It is very intensive, especially in the first couple of weeks because you are learning so many new things at once. But it end it's worth it because you finish the bootcamp with a theoretical and practical knowledge of Python, Machine Learning, SQL and Web Scraping. Learning remotely due to COVID was a struggle sometimes because there were some connection difficulties and we couldn't hear the teacher very well. But overall, I can say that what learned remotely would probably be the same if I had learned inside a classroom.