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Clément I am an entrepreneur. For a long time now, I had the desire to learn how to code so that I could develop my application by myself, code something that was 100% what I expect and avoid using external service providers. My partner had done La Capsule and I thought it was a good idea to follow the training as well. I immediately liked the atmosphere and the team's interest in our career path and project. The very practical program was also a real plus for me. At La Capsule, we code all the concepts we see by applying them directly to concrete projects. It's very enriching, we see every single day what we are capable of doing and we deliver something concrete. The atmosphere was great! It was nice to share this experience with people from totally different backgrounds. On top of that there was a real spirit of mutual aid, a lot of cohesion. The Teachers and Teacher Assistants are very present and available to answer our questions, help us and put us on the right track. In summary, these 10 weeks were intense but incredible in terms of learning and encounters. I am now ready to develop my application project by myself and I would do it again without hesitation.