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Kyle Salive A week ago I completed the BrainStation Design Thinking Course. My overall experience with learning at BrainStation has given me a new perspective and it was great to spend time enhancing my expertise. If you're looking for a meaningful way to spend some of your extra time this winter, definitely consider a BrainStation course.
Lauren Through my seven weeks completing the Social Media Marketing Certification with BrainStation, I had a great experience with taking the course and feel I was able to take my marketing skills to the next level. The course content is very well set up and developed, covering all the latest trends and topics going on in social media and my instructor was able to make each class engaging. I took my course through their Online Live platform - which in 2020 is such a great way to still be able to further your education while being in the comfort of your own home, and still connecting with classmates & the instructor through video. With having Slack and Synapse as resources, I always felt I was prepared on the course content and could reach out to my instructor or anyone on the BrainStation team if I had questions. The best thing about BrainStation courses in my opinion (I have previously taken the Digital Marketing course as well) is the hands on approach they take to teaching the content and having industry professionals as their instructors. Having to apply the concepts throughout the course while learning about real life examples has really aided me in understanding the concepts and being able to put these into action.