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Anonymous I've been a part of Paris August 2020 cohort. The bootcamp is very technical, concentrating mostly on Python and ML skills. Nice selection of students, good impression overall, but too few SQL and DataViz time. I had a feeling that they're trying to make of us Data Scientists (algorithms, Machine Learning, a lot of mathematics), which is impossible in two months. Very happy to learn Python though as it's a nice skill to have, asked a lot in interviews. Fun and hard working atmosphere. Career services are a nice bonus for the end. PS. Strangely, all the feedback that you're asked to do every week is not anonymous - means that if you write something non-positive, you can be contacted to explain yourself. Never seen that before.
Rabeson Frederico RATSIMANDRESY

I was in the Web Dev August Cohort. It was a very good and awesome experience. Very good pedagogy. Intense and challenging training. You will not have the same way of thinking after the bootcamp 💪🏼 Teachers are great and so does for the whole team! Had the chance to meet awesome people as well! I recommend 🙂