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Marie I recently graduated from a business school. During my studies, I did several internships in the digital field. I realized at that time the importance of knowing how to communicate with technical teams and developers. I was particularly interested in the job of Product Owner and for that, I knew that learning how to code would be essential. The bootcamp format was in my opinion the most suitable for me. I had just finished several years of study and I didn't want to go back to a long training course. I also wanted a very practical training to be able to assimilate the notions over a short period of time. Former colleagues told me about La Capsule and I immediately liked the program and the welcoming atmosphere. The selection process went very well, I found the team very attentive to my project. The program is very practical oriented which allowed me to build up my skills as I went along and to reach a very good level at the end. It's very rewarding to deliver something concrete every day and to directly apply the theoretical notions you see. All this in a very good atmosphere and with a team that is always very present and available. I recommend La Capsule, it was really a great experience and it allowed me to reach my professional goal by finding a position as Product Owner just after the end of the bootcamp.