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Timothée NICOLE I started my bootcamp in web development at Ironhack. I had almost no basis in coding, I didn't expect tolearn that much things in just two months. It was pretty intese as expected and we learned a lot of things everyday but always had the chance to practice what we just learned. The teachers and administration were really helpful when we were stuck and it was really great way to improve. The two teacher assistant were previous students of the bootcamp so they were really understanding what we faced. Furthermore, what we learned seemed really connected to the business reality. Overall it was really an unforgettable experience with a lot of new things learned.
Anonymous I did this bootcamp because i wanted to face new challenge and be a web dev. Why i choose and why you should choose this bootcamp; Pros: - Great teachers - Learning by doing - People you meet Cons: - Difficult for people with 0 knowledge in development - Full-time mean full-time :)