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Elisa B

I had an entrepreneurial project in mind for years and I thought it was time to start coding my application myself, without having to go through agencies or external service providers that were totally out of my budget. I didn't want to go back for several years of study and the online course format and self-learning didn't suit me either. I heard about La Capsule in a TV program, in which Abou (alumni of La Capsule) came to present the application project he had developed following La Capsule. I said to myself if he did it, why not me? So I went through the selection process, met the team and the feeling went immediately very well. La Capsule's program is also very operational and hands-on, which is great as an entrepreneur. In fact, the project-based approach is an essential element in my opinion. At La Capsule, we code every day from the first day of the training. This not only allows you to increase your skills but also to see what you are capable of, every day, and it's very rewarding and encouraging. At La Capsule, the follow-up is also at the top from part of the team, teachers and TA. The relationships within the batch were also very good. I kept in touch with many other alumni, we help each other and encourage each other in our respective projects. During the last two weeks of my Batch, I was able to code the MVP of my application with the help of my group. The fulfillment of a dream for me and the beginning of a new life. A thousand thanks for this incredible adventure !