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Polina Zagorski I applied to study at the Barcelona Code School in August just one month before the course started. The whole application process was very simple and clear. I was able to have a call with administration of the school to ask all my questions and clarify my doubts. They were always in touch whenever I had questions. The school environment was friendly and welcoming during the whole time I was studying there. Studying process was very intense and full of knowledge. I think it exceeded all my expectations. Our professional teachers touched every possible topic during 9 weeks of a boot camp. They introduced us to the world of UX/UI, different platforms, tools and motivation videos. Our days were not like routine learning in a boring school, on the contrary, it was fun, easy and educational. We not only studied the entire theory part, but also were able to apply all the learned techniques in real projects. And the final point of our course was our own individual project. Now I have at least 5 works that I can proudly display in my portfolio. There was not a single moment where I could regret choosing a Barcelona Code School. It was a great life-changing experience.