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Anonymous I got my java and AWS training from a full time camp in California. I relocated here two years back after completing my college degree in Oregon. Since the career prospects are better here I thought I would come and try my luck here (I got tired of the lousy part time coding projects I was getting and it was becoming hard to live by that kind of salary). But my experience was bad there. They taught us for approx. 4 months and though they promised good job placements, I was again stuck with short term low paying projects. Then I had only two options, live the same pathetic life in California too or find a good bootcamp this time to add some job worthy skills to my resume. This time I wanted to join an online camp so I could manage my freelance work side by side to afford my living. That’s when I was introduced to SynergisticIT from some of my coding friends. Their feedback intrigued me so I did my own research too. Mostly I found satisfactory response with only a few mentioning something about too many assignments and higher fee but that was their individual experience. It’s been six months since I finished my training with them and I am writing this review to help people like me who are stuck with low paying jobs and want their resume attractive enough to be shortlisted by big IT companies. So our first day was spent getting to know our teachers and fellow coders, our teachers made sure that we were comfortable with each other. After studying hard for four days, we would have pair programming on Friday and then we were given assignments to complete during weekend. Unlike my previous camp, we had repeat sessions here and continuous Q and A to help clear all our doubts and that’s why we all built a strong foundation of the language we were learning. They really help develop the co-working environment with group projects which helps in our career also later on. The effectiveness of their training is pretty evident from the fact that I got a job with $95K salary after a month of completing my training. From a person who has done a lot of freelance work and attended more than one bootcamp after completing a CS degree, you can take my word when I say that less is more when it comes to learn coding. So don’t go by labels and do your own research, don’t trust those ‘too good to be true’ ads and figure out your own coding path. Here are some tips I can share from my experience: •Don’t just focus on learning, build a network there. Talk to your cohort, make friends and work together as a team. This helps you learn faster •Read up and get as good as you can before joining the camp. You will have to work a lot harder otherwise, especially if you are a beginner •Don’t procrastinate practicing. Practice every day even if you think you have understood a concept properly, you would be surprised of the results when you sit alone and practice it again •Workload is massive so take small breaks in between and don’t compare your progress to anyone. Ask questions without hesitation or you won’t learn anything •When you master a skill, remember that it is a part of the process and you still have a long way to go so don’t let it get to your head •Try and make your learning fun and don’t make it a stressful situation. You will be following pretty much a same routine for 5-6 months so the only fun you are going to get is via your learning methods •Take a day off. This is very important because our brains get tired and you won’t be able to think creatively if your brain is exhausted most of the times •You will feel incapable in the beginning but don’t let that deter you from your path. Nobody told you that it was going to be easy so you will have to be a little patient and put in a lot of hard work I did not have much hope the last time but my expectations were greatly fulfilled. Just try and be regular with classes and complete your assignments on given deadlines since you won’t get extra time, lastly – just trust the process. They teach a variety of courses from Java, MERN stack, AWS to machine learning and Python and they are very thorough and practical.