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Eva sahlani I am very happy to have chosen the UX-UI Design course from the Ironhack school. After only two months of intensive training, I feel legitimate to apply for a job in the field of UX design. Moreover, the team is always available to answer or advise us. And I loved the afterwork on Friday evening.
François Vieux Amazing teachers, classes and support during the Bootcamp! 🔥😀🔥 I strongly recommend IRONHACK if you want to learn Web Development. The teachers and T.As are always here for you and everybody is really supportive. If you are looking for a fast pace learning environment, IRONHACK is made for you!! But be ready invest yourself 100% into the course during the Bootcamp! 🔥😀🔥
Nicolas Ignatiew I found out about Ironhack UX/UI Design bootcamp during an open event organised by the school. I decided to join the program despite the fact that I didn't have any background in design. But I was encouraged by the beginner's mind and learning by doing spirit of the bootcamp. Right from the start we began to work on very concrete and interesting projects and learn to create valuable deliverables. Although the pace of the bootcamp was very demanding I could follow-up thanks to an amazing supervision from the educational staff, and also receive great support from my classmates (even though the bootcamp was done remotely due to the pandemic). The bootcamp is tough but you will never be alone in the journey and you can always rely on someone to solve the biggest issues you will face. In the end of the 9 weeks of the program I was able to realise things I would never though I will be capable of ! The big glow of the program is that you will have the chance to work with a real company for your final project, which will teach you how to be a designer not only in theory but also inside a corporate environment. The downsides of the program is that it is relatively expensive and requires you to have your own equipment (but you can find help from the staff for financial issues). Overall, the program was an amazing experience from me and allow me to learn a solid basis a UX skills that will probably help me tremendously in my professional career.

I did the full time bootcamp. It was just before the second lockdown so I followed classes on the campus and on Zoom. I have mixed feelings about it so I made 2 lists. Let's start with the cons (so I can finish on a positive note): - There is only 1 teacher. He's called lead teacher but he is the only one so "lead" here is irrelevant. I think it's a shame because there are so many ways to do design that learning just one approach is a bit short. - They make you buy a macbook for nothing. There are two 3 hour lessons on Sketch. Which is pretty much the only reason you'd need a Mac. keep your money, work on a PC and borrow a MacBook for these lessons. You'll be fine. - Figma & Sketch Labs are very very light. I really feel I still can't make the most of them. - The webdev week is laughable. The "lead teacher" was trying his best to teach us webdev basics. I was expecting a proper webdev teacher with structured and organized classes. I thought my 8000€ would buy that. I was naive. - The social aspect is cheap. They emphasize on the possibility to network and all the fabulous events that are organized... It doesn't exist. There are IronBeers on the rooftop once a week with one beer/person that they put in the fridge in advance so you can't really come unexpectedly. For the last one we had a few chips, 1 slice of ham per person and madeleines from Franprix with cheap wine. Just sad and cheap. Now let's talk about the pros: - the remote classes didn't feel so remote. They had some training with the first lockdown. It was pretty easy to follow even though we weren't on the campus. - The educational method is very efficient. You start working on projects from day one. You practice directly what you learn during class which makes it immediately very concrete and understandable. - At the end of the bootcamp, I felt ready to work. I had projects to show on my resume and I had some work worth a portfolio. And that is what counts!!!! - The career week and the coaching are both very good. I just finished so I can't tell more but from I've seen so far, it's the first time I feel supported in my job search. To wrap it up, like I said in the title: it's a good bootcamp but you can probably find the same quality for less money. So if you have a grant or subsidy of any kind go for it!

Cyril Léton

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ironhack in 2020. From the rich lessons provided by our Teacher extraordinaires to the Program manager’s benevolence, everything was made to help us progress in a safe and exciting environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. The design challenges and the capstone project with a start-up gave us plenty of opportunities to try out the different methods we learned. I wished we had an introduction to UX writing, but the Bootcamp gave me the confidence to transition to UX, as well as the knowledge and skills required to do so. It’s now up to me to continue learning by myself as one does after graduating from any school or college. It was inspiring to work with other students in such an immersive training program. We helped each other, supported one another, and also had tons of fun on Zoom and Slack. I highly recommend Ironhack to anyone looking for a program to start learning UX design. It's demanding during the Bootcamp, and you will have to study some more on your own afterward. But it's no doubt a great stepping-stone to begin working as a Product Designer.

Anonymous Pros : a really well organized program to learn with efficiency all the basics in web dev. You will learn fast, hard and well. Teachers an TI are great and always there to answer your demands. The programs are made to be as efficiant as possible for students to learn faster as possible. Cons: the possibility to do an internship or an alternation at the end of the 10 weeks would have been great. Sometimes, the rythme is so intense that you feel lost... everything goes really fast, but that is what a bootcamp is, and at the end, you might not have all insurance to get your first job.
Ailie McCorkindale I'm really happy I made the decision to join Ironhack's web development bootcamp. I was a little nervous before joining the bootcamp because I was changing from a completely different career field and had little previous experience in coding, but it turned out to be a great decision! The bootcamp is intense, but totally worth it because you become immersed in the code and progress quickly. I can't believe how much I learned in just a few weeks. The time flew by! The course is made up of three modules, which each last 3 weeks, and at the end of each module there is a project, so you put your new knowledge into practice straight away. You decide what your project is going to be, so you get to work on something that really interests you. The bootcamp is well run and organised, all the staff were very supportive and approachable. The teaching staff are knowledgeable and explained things clearly, and were happy to answer any questions we had. Because of the pandemic, the bootcamp took place in a hybrid format which allowed the flexibility to choose to work from home or come to class. I met a lot of great people. There was always a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, and we would help each other out when we were stuck or share helpful tips and tricks. All in all, the Ironhack bootcamp was a very positive experience for me, and I highly recommend it.