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VALENTINE CONQ I attended the UX/UI bootcamp at Ironhack and it was a great experience. Even with the particular sanitary situation, Ironhack managed to give us, remotely, really qualitative education. The pedadogic team (teachers, TA) as long as the "admin" team, were really comprehensive and caring so that we live the best experience. I can't say how much it was rewarding, both on human and professional aspects. I would definitely recommend this bootcamp !
Anonymous Ironhack bootcamp is a unique experience where you are challenged during 10 weeks. it is not easy to learn how to be a webdev in a such a short amount of time but it works! Thanks to the great staff of Ironhack, you will never feel alone as their are all here to help you. They are patient and don't hesitate to take the time to reexplain things to you. At the end of the bootcamp, you will have some project that you can present as your portfolio. The facilities are suberbs, with modern design and good access to internet and furthermore, there is lots of goods restaurants around ;)