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michael moyers I could not be more impressed with my experience at Ironhack. Where do I start? When I discovered the UX field I knew that I would be a perfect fit, however, I also knew I needed proper guidance when making the career change. Ironhack provided me with more than enough guidance and resources to accomplish my goal of landing a job and making a complete career change. This program is called a 'bootcamp' for a reason. It is tough and intense. You are learning A LOT each day through lectures and (mostly) project work. However, the instructors are there for you at all times to answer any questions and offer you the proper guidance. The instructors I had were VERY knowledgable about the UX process and best practices, and they were always so patient with those who needed extra time to fully understand the concepts. I never felt intimidated or scared to approach them with any questions or concerns that I had. They created a very inspiring and encouraging classroom environment. Following the examples of our instructors, all of my fellow classmates were always willing to help each other out and pick each other up. By the end of the bootcamp, we had all gotten pretty close and it was honestly hard to say goodbye. Another part of the program I really benefitted from was their Career Services. Brito (the Ironhack Outcomes Manager) is an absolute job and networking guru! Something I really liked about this part was their honesty. They made it clear that if you want to land a job out of this program, then you need to be the one doing the networking and applying. So many bootcamps out there promise that they will hand you a job right out of the program, which is total BS. But Ironhack's approach is to teach you the best methods of networking, applying, interviewing, and setting up your LinkedIn. Rather than catching a fish for you, they teach you how to fish. I was able to land a really good Product Design job within a month of graduating. However, landing a job takes some people longer than others. I can honestly say that this program changed my life for the better. I was working in farms and restaurants prior to this, barely getting by on my hourly pay, and now I have landed a permanent role with a great salary and benefits. I am forever grateful for Ironhack and owe them so much. Last but not least I do want to say: this program isn't a walk in the park. It is a lot of work and very stressful at times, but this just means that you will be learning a lot of information. Any program worth doing will challenge you to become better. If you are serious about switching to a UX career, I would %100 recommend Ironhack!!!