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Alberto Marengo

I took the Part Time Data Science course with BrainStation and it was an amazing experience since the start. The school was quick and very responsive at getting back to me about my initial general questions about the course. The learning advisor was awesome in helping me out on choosing the right path and suggesting alternative. The whole experience before starting the course was great too. The school has an online meeting that prepares you for your first day and it’s very thorough. All the questions are answered there or through a really efficient Slack channel. The course was quite intense, given the amount the material that was being covered, but very well done. The teacher was very prepared and gave as a lot of real-life examples that are helpful to understand theory better. What I found great about the teacher was that he would send us links related to what was said during the class (i.e. books title, web pages or YouTube video channels) as additional material for us to dig deeper into the topic. Absolutely interesting stuff was suggested. The teacher was also responsive during the week if we had any question and guided us though the final project and suggested us what was best. Once the project was submitted, he sent out thorough feedbacks that showed how much he cared about our work. Thank you BrainStation!! The experience was amazing, I will keep studying with you!

Holly K I found BrainStation when looking for a Canadian educational platform that would fit with my full time work schedule, and provide a certification in Product Management; something I haven't seen widely offered. BrainStation absolutely delivered. I took a 5 week course, but there were multiple other options for different schedules. This one was ideal for me since it was on Sundays only. Though, if you're looking for less lengthy classes (these were from 10:30-5:30) you can take more classes over 10 weeks :) Andy and Chloe, our profs, were extremely knowledgeable with tons of real life experience and delivered all the information I could possibly have wanted, in a digestible and fun format. I am considering taking more classes with BrainStation in the future and cannot recommend them enough to anyone else looking to learn :)
Anonymous Pros: Instructors Are Intelligent & Helpful. Course Material Is Challenging But Not Impossible. Overall All Staff Responses To Any Messages You Leave Within A Day Or Too. Cons: We Spent A Whole Class Installing Software That Should Have Been Installed Before. It's A Little Pricey. No Help With Job Placement.