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Surbhi S

I looked for various bootcamps but i was very impressed with Pragra Front End Developer program. This bootcamp is an incredible mix between project-based learning and day-to-day sessions. The instructors were including Anirudh & Vivek are all incredibly interested in the students succeeding and understanding the material taught in the bootcamp. They always answered student questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, and spent the time to pay attention if students were with them, even in a virtual setting. Towards the middle and end of the bootcamp, career services really kicked in and helped with resumes, cvs, and mock interviews. Of course it's up to each student to reach out to employers and get connected, career services dishes out helpful advice that is helping me in my job search. I honestly highly recommend this bootcamp for those that want an intense 16 weeks of learning Front End Technologies. They landed me a job with their own client in Mississauga. Please get in touch with Pragra team for better career advise.