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Sam Nuzbrokh I won't go into a description of what the Bootcamp offers - you can find that in the reviews below. All of them are accurate as to the material that the program offers. I'll give my opinion of the FINANCIAL sense of going to this Bootcamp versus others and the level of job assistance provided - which is what most of you reading this are actually interested in. Let's do a compare and contrast with (not paid for this, just using as an example) Springboard $7,500 upfront tuition ($8,900 if paid in installments) Full Refund Guarantee (after 6 months of no job) Deferred Tuition until you land a job NYC Data Science $17,000 tuition ($5,000 deposit just to get started) No refund guarantee No deferred tuition option You'd think with that price tag, there'd be some awesome job network or assistance provided, right? Not really. They might send you a prospect once every two weeks. But, all the interviews I gained were through my own efforts on LinkedIn. The most they'll tell you is some superficial styling tips for your resume. And that's about it. Connections they do not provide. There was supposed to be a networking event with employers at the end of the program. Didn't happen. The closest to that was an invitation to a "Gender Equalithon" hackathon by Esteem whose stated goal is to "Hire & Retain Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, Latinx in Tech". The point of this is - is that job assistance is important. The material can be learned anywhere - other bootcamps, online, universities. But the major selling point for these operations is the job assistance and access to their professional network. And by that metric, NYC Data Science doesn't deliver. P.S. The reason you probably don't see more negative reviews of these bootcamps, is because people are still angling for job assistance and most too are scared to speak up or burn bridges.