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Anonymous Pros: - I am working a full-time job, so the ability to take classes on weekends. You can concentrate on studies from early morning, do homework and self-improvement during the week and continue on next weekend - perfect for me; - great communication from administrative personnel (keeping in mind covid situation); Cons: - there is no list of lecturers so you do not know who will be teaching you in advance; - some lecturers just sits through hours, but others (most of them) prepare very well, so 50/50;
Niculae George-Cosmin I attended to the remote Java online classes. In the beginning I had some doubts about the course because it was remote, but it was a nice experience. The most appreciated fact by me at this was that the trainers had a lot of patience with the students and they explained everything by the book. Our first trainer (Bogdan Judele) and the forth trainer (Radu Furnea) did a good job learning us the basic concepts of Java, Hibernate and Spring. We also had an HR class where we were taught how to properly write out resumes. Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend it to other people.