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Jay Roever I really can't say enough good things about Tech Elevator. The staff are all amazing, wonderful people who work really hard to give students the best learning experience possible. Everyone from the teachers and TAs, to the Pathway directors, and the Administrative staff were incredibly invested in our learning and success. When you become a student and graduate of Tech Elevator you and entering into a community where you can find support and encouragement for the rest of your career. I forged many friendships during my time there and I am eternally thankful to them for giving me the tools and knowledge to begin a new career as a software engineer. I was in the summer 2020 cohort and due to Covid-19 all of our learning was done remotely over Zoom. While schools all over the country have struggled to adapt to this change, Tech Elevator hit it out of the ballpark on their first swing. We were required to be online, with our cameras on, for the entirety of lecture. This encouraged us to be more active participants to our learning and turned impersonal, faceless, Zoom calls into a much more enjoyable classroom-like experience. The course material covers the full stack of web development from Vue front ends to SQL databases controlled by Java controllers. This is a 14-week boot camp and while they cannot teach you every single aspect of software development, they cram as much in as possible. You will be busy during your training, so plan for 60 hour weeks give or take depending on how quickly you understand the material. Be mindful too that you get out of the program what you put into it. The teachers can only teach so much; you will get more out of the program when you engage in lecture, ask questions, and do the readings before class. Its not uncommon to feel behind most of the time you are here. Our instructors reminded us to trust in the system and to forge ahead and looking back on my experience, they were right. The material builds on itself and you will become more comfortable with what you have learned over time. They were always encouraging and supportive during our tough times. While their technical training is top-notch, what really made Tech Elevator even more valuable is their Pathway Program. Many of the students, including myself, come from blue collar careers and Pathway got our resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and elevator pitches polished and ready for the job hunt. They taught us how to interview for these roles and to know what to expect out of our careers. Many bootcamps out there can teach you how to write code, Tech Elevator will teach you how to get the job writing code. Their support after graduation in helping us find opportunities and connecting us with companies looking for workers was invaluable to my own job search. I cannot recommend them enough for those looking to break into the tech industry or are looking to switch careers. It's a big leap that can feel daunting at times, but Tech Elevator will give you the ability to land on your feet with a better job than before with a brighter future ahead of you.